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Ore has done a fantastic job in recollecting her experiences in verse. I love the themes she explored and the manner in which she went about exploring them. The ones I like best are those where she painted compelling pictures with words, while still leaving ample room for her readers to speculate and fill in deliberate blanks . Great work all in all. I thoroughly enjoyed reading ATIOTT. If you are looking for poetry that is emotive and fluid, pick this book and immerse yourself.
- Chukwudi Ukonne

A Tale I Ought To Tell is filled with stories about faith, love, and the human condition that indeed ought to be told. It is not only timely, but also laden with fantastic depth and brilliant humour. It is a compelling and thought-provoking collection from start to finish. Every piece is thoroughly enjoyable, especially the ones that are far from the usual - Purple, Jane, Eyedenteetea, and NSL diaries:Entry 57. Oreoluwa Macaulay’s captivating and highly creative writing style shows that she is not one to be boxed in, and this is refreshing in a ‘Copy and paste’ driven world.
- Ayo Wright

A Tale I Ought To Tell is as inspiring as it is fresh, as captivating as it is raw. Macaulay’s use of language is not so convoluted that it excludes those who may not be ardent followers of the craft, but remains elevated because it possesses a sophisticated simplicity. For the poet, clarity and artistry are two sides of the same alluring coin, and the latter offers an elegant foundation for the former. Macaulay’s craftsmanship is not only commendable, but contemporary. The collection’s relatability will no doubt form the basis of its success, as will its underlying sense of vulnerability. The political and the personal are placed side by side and tackled with the same assiduity; here, there is a distinct feeling that the collective is just as valuable as the individual. Overall, the seriousness of the subject matter in ATIOTT, when combined with the playful delivery of some of Macaulay’s lines as well as the irrefutable connection to her faith and belief system, makes for an entirely irresistible book that must be experienced.
- Maddie Janjo