I died as the man named Jesus interceding for you.

Now I live as the glorified King named Jesus seated at the right hand of the Father still interceding for you.

Does that truth not comfort you?

That I conquered death not to take a break in Heaven but to show you the love I have for you.

Does that truth not dumbfound you?



Oh well here comes your accuser,

Ready to do his job just like with Job.

Pointing out your flaws and failings, he makes a convincing case.

Right before his closing statement, I intervene with shouts of mercy,

Advancing your defense by reminding the court of my finished work on the cross

As my blood crosses out your wrongs which makes the devil cross.

So, you offer a Merci, seating once again with boldness as I assume my mercy seat.



I plead on your behalf even when you are quiet.

Does this not bring you to your knees?

Advocating in your favor as your Saviour.

So when you come before the Father, He sees you but He hears me.

Oh, the privilege you enjoy having the Son whom the Father loves dearly pray for you.

Oh, the privilege of having the name through which whatever you ask cannot be denied you.

Oh, the privilege of having a High Priest who sympathizes with your weakness fend for you.

I am Jesus, your perfect Intercessor!



For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men.

I am, the person of Jesus Christ,

Not your priests, angels, pope or any woman named Mary.

There is no other intermediary capable of mediating the better covenant,

Than the holy, undefiled, perfected and everlasting One who made a way for you to be redeemed unto the Father.

I am Jesus.

Intercessor Advocate Mediator.



© O.M

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